CueStack feat. David Hasselhoff - 'Through the Night' ULTIMATE Box Set with original Signatures from CueStack

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Get the ultimate full box set for the EP 'Through the Night' by CueStack feat. David Hasselhoff only here at the official CueStack Webshop!

Originally signed Poster by CueStack (Bernth Brodträger & Martin Kames)

Box includes:

- CueStack feat. David Hasselhoff - 'Through the Night' - EP
- T-Shirt (Shirt Type: B&C - #Organic E150 T-Shirt)
- Campus Shorts with embroided CueStack Logo (Short Type: JH080 Just Hoods)
- Gym-bag (Westford Mill - Cotton Gymsac Black: 200 x 37 x 46mm)
- Embroided Cap (CB660 Beechfield Original Flat Peak Snapback Cap)
- Poster with Original Signatures from CueStack (Bernth & Martin) (Din A1)
- 2 x Autograph Card with gold-printed autographs (DIN A5 - no original signatures!)


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